Pro Hunter:- Fit For A President, By The Luxury Channel
22nd January 2014

The likes of former American president Bill Clinton, actor Orlando Bloom, luxury brand owner of Kering Francois-Henri Pinault, as well as financier Arpad Busson, are owners of the uniquely designed Pro Hunter Watch.

Pro Hunter is a personalised range of limited edition steel Rolex sports watches, which create a collection of stunning and desirable timepieces. Originally designed as a robust timepiece for hunting, the collection has now plugged the gap in the Rolex product line of sports watches. For many years, hunting clients yearned for a Rolex designed specifically for the hunting community, one that was both practical and pleasing to the eye. As a result, Pro Hunter was born.

The designs not only pay homage to the golden years of Rolex of the 1950s and 1960s but are also faithful to the Rolex style and history. Designs are inspired by Rolex vintage models such as the Daytonas with anti-reflective bezels, the 4-line James Bond big crowns, the Military Submariners specifically created for the Special Boat Squadron, and especially the black-coated Rolex Submariner made for a few British Army Officers based in Africa. Each limited edition Pro Hunter is individually engraved with a numbered case back.


Launch of the New Pro Hunter Watch Box
6th February 2013

The New Pro Hunter Watch Box, beautifully designed.

Launch of the New Pro Hunter Military Straps
6th February 2013

New Pro Hunter Military Straps designed and manufactured by the company that manufactured the military straps for Rolex. Top quality and in keeping with authentic straps supplied to the SBS officers.

Launch of the Pro Hunter E-brochure
20th December 2012

Pro Hunter E-brochure

Important Watch Auction at Christies HK
30th May 2012

It seems the 1st Pro-Hunter Military GMTs designed and sold out approx 7 years ago with an initial selling price of approx GBP 5.5K are in demand. Also the latest Pro Hunter Military GMT performed well.

The Financial Times: How To Spend It Magazine: October 2011

Article by Claire Wrathall

GQ Magazine September 2011

Pro-Hunter Article by Bill Prince

ARK raises GBP 17.2m for children's programmes
9th June 2011

The international children's charity ARK, (Absolute Return for Kids) last night marked its 10th anniversary with a charity dinner in Kensington Palace Gardens. The event was attended by Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and more than 1,000 guests.

Guests commemorated a decade in which the initiative of a handful of committed philanthropists grew into an ambitious, entrepreneurial, charity which has transformed the lives of 200,000 children from Eastern Europe to Southern Africa, India and the UK. The dinner was addressed by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge on behalf of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. The Duke announced a new venture between ARK and the Princes' Foundation to support young people in the UK and Africa.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge said:

"I know that I am very fortunate. I have had a good education, a secure home and a loving and supportive family. So many young people, however, do not have these advantages and, as a result, can lack the confidence and knowledge to realise their full potential. That is why I am so pleased that the Foundation and ARK are working together on this project to help young people who really need it. Programmes from this partnership will raise aspirations, broaden horizons and encourage young people to achieve what may have seemed to them unachievable."

ARK's Founding Chairman, Arpad Busson said:

"Tonight is the culmination of an extraordinary decade for ARK and its programmes. None of us dreamed ten years ago that we could achieve so much."Our achievements would not have been possible without the extraordinary support of our donors, sponsors, patrons and friends.

We thank you each and every one of them for their incredible generosity. I also want to offer special thanks to our sponsors, BlueCrest, Bloomberg, Espirito Santo Investment Bank and Marshall Wace, without whom this evening, and all that it enables us to do, would not be possible.

We thank also for their remarkable support and generosity, Kevin Spacey, Tom Ford, Anna Wintour, Elena Ambrosiadou, Harvey Weinstein and Eric Fellner."

Octane Magazine December 2010

Pro-Hunter Article by Nick Foulkes

GQ Magazine USA
September 2010

Orlando Bloom looking cool with The Pro Hunter Military Submariner in the Desert

The Pro Hunter and The BMW Series 5

12th January 2010

Antiquorum Auction Press Release

10th December 2009

OM Watch Magazine Italy Sept 2009

Any colour so long as it’s black.
By Simon de Burton for The Financial Times September 2009

Followers of wristwatch trends will have noticed that many brands appear to be adopting the late Henry Ford’s philosophy of making their products available in “any colour so long as it’s black”. We refer, of course, to the recent popularity of covering steel watches in a dark coating by use of a chemical process called physical vapour deposition (PVD).

It might make a watch seem cutting edge, but the process has been around since the 19th century when it was used by Michael Faraday, the chemist and physicist – although it did not become known as “physical vapour deposition” until 1966.

So what exactly is it and why is it considered to be a useful addition to a wristwatch? PVD essentially involves placing the item to be coated in an inert atmosphere, heating it to about 400 degrees centigrade and spraying it with molecules of whatever substance it is to be coated with to leave a thin film (around one micron) that is bonded to the object rather than merely applied to the surface.

Aluminium, silver, gold, carbon and graphite are all popular materials for use in PVD coating, which takes place in a large, heated chamber that can create a vacuum almost equivalent to that found on the edge of space. The best PVD machines cost up to £1m and are used to coat a vast range of objects, especially automotive and aerospace components.

The benefit of applying a PVD coating to a wristwatch is that it increases wear resistance by giving it a finish that does not scratch or chip easily and which covers even complicated parts, such as bracelets, smoothly and evenly. The quality of finish can, however, vary and, once breached, PVD cannot be repaired other than by re-coating the entire object.

Watch brands also use more advanced coating techniques such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD) which works through chemical reaction, and diamond-like carbon (DLC) which creates a virtually scratchproof surface using a synthetic material that is almost diamond-hard.

PVD, however, is the most popular and least expensive coating method and the “black look” that it creates has been adopted by numerous brands, including Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux and Panerai to name but a few. Although many of the watches it is used on are bought on the basis of looks rather than performance, PVD coating has also become popular for military watches both because it is hard-wearing and, importantly, non-reflective.

One brand that has not used it is Rolex, a fact that is perhaps surprising considering it makes the best-selling and most actively used sports watches in the world. Various companies, including the London luxury goods store Bamford and Sons, offer used Rolex watches that have been given an after-market PVD coating, but Reza Rashidian, the big game hunter and luxury watch lover, has gone one better by setting up a business that supplies new Rolex models with the even more resilient DLC treatment applied.

Mr Rashidian hit on the idea about three years ago when he asked Kamal Choraria, the London watch dealer, to customise a Rolex watch in order to make it ideal for hunting – he specified a material strap rather than a metal bracelet, unbreakable, fixed lug straps, a non-reflective crystal and, in particular, a non-reflective black coating – DLC.

The completed watch attracted interest from a sufficient number of Mr Rashidian’s friends and colleagues to encourage him to set up a business supplying so-called “Pro- Hunter” Rolex watches – new and unused models treated with DLC and, in some instances, featuring other subtle and practical adaptations. The watches are made in limited editions of 100 examples (500 in the case of the GMT Master) and have proved so successful that about 500 have now been sold despite being priced at 25 per cent more than the standard models and the fact that they are not approved, endorsed of warranted by Rolex and will not usually be accepted by Rolex for servicing.

Owners include former Bill Clinton, the former US president, Arpad Busson, the financier, Ray Floyd, the golfer,Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures entertainment CEO and gallery owner Tim Jeffries.

Last year, Antiquorum sold movie director Brett Ratner’s Pro-Hunter Double Red Sea Dweller for $30,000 in New York, almost three times more than the original price, and a similarly impressive sum was achieved by the house in June when it sold a Pro-Hunter Cosmograph Daytona for $35,000, about 30 per cent above retail.

“I had the original Pro-Hunter made because I had already lost two Rolex watches while I was crawling along the ground, stalking game,” says Mr Rashidian. “The idea was to improve the usability of what is really a great tool watch while keeping it in line with the history of Rolex and avoiding any sort of perversion of the watches. Everything we have done has been done for a practical reason.”

The Pro-Hunter Rolex watches are available in several different models, the latest being a version of the anti-magnetic Milgauss. All come with a two-year Pro-Hunter warranty with servicing available at a dedicated Pro-Hunter workshop in London.

By Simon de Burton for The Financial Times September 2009

GQ Magazine Germany Sept 2009

Bastian Schweinsteiger Bayern Munich SuperStar
Covers the New German GQ magazine with the Pro Hunter Daytona on his wrist.

Antiquorum Watch Auction New York

The Pro Hunter Daytona with Black Bezel sells for GBP 26,000.00.

The Pro Hunter Daytona Limited to Only 100 pieces.

They were Sold Out priced at GBP 14950.00 in early 2009.

Watch Beat

Japnese Watch Magazine January 2009

Pro Hunter on the Front Cover

Antiquorum Watch Auction New York

12th December 2008

Bret Ratner's Pro Hunter Double Red Sea Dweller sells for GBP 21,000.00.

The Pro Hunter Double Red Sea Dweller Limited to Only 100 pieces.

They were Sold Out priced at GBP 7950.00 within 3 months of production in early 2008.

Watch This Space.

Financial Times Hong Kong December 2008

FT - Hong Kong - December 2008
Pro Hunter Article

'I am one of those guys who is obsessed with having things no-one else can get.' So pronounces Hollywood film director and bon viveur Brett Ratner. But he is not talking about his latest car or mobile phone gadget, but his watch. The black customized Rolex Pro-Hunter that sits on his wrist is one of only a hundred ever made. Ratner spotted it first on his friend, banking heir and English hedge fund supremo Nat Rothschild, 'and I thought it was so cool - there has never been a black Rolex. When I heard they only made a hundred and each one was numbered, well, I had to get one.'

The director of box office smashes such as The Family Man, the Rush Hour trilogy and X Men: The Last Stand, is typical of a new breed of discerning watch aficionados and lovers of luxury who are willing to go one step further for an exclusive watch. Just the name Rolex is no longer enough, now customers want a watch that not only reflects their own needs but also expresses their personality. Jean-Claude Roustant, secretary-general of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, a Swiss fine timepiece organization, says that an increasing number of customers are looking for exclusivity in watch design. 'If we speak of fine watch making, that is the case more and more, 'Roustant said. 'More people want to express themselves differently.'

The new breed of owners of customised watches may not be quite as extreme and Graves and Packard, but they do share a defining feature with them. As London gallery owner Tim Jeffries - another Rolex Pro-Hunter enthusiast points out, owning such a timepiece is as much about passion now as it was then, and 'appreciating the time and energy spent on production and the engineering.' For many, he maintains, it's a question of 'knowing more and spending more, now a watch is a way of inferring some sort of status.' It is this passion that led to the genesis of the after-market customized Rolexes.

The development of the blackened Rolex Pro-Hunter was down to the enthusiasm of Reza Rashidian, another luxury-loving bon viveur and collector of vintage Rolexes who, when his request for a custom-made watch was turned down by Rolex, approached vintage Rolex dealer Kamal Choraria. Now sported on wrists as distinguished as Sony Pictures boss Michael Lynton, Tim Jeffries and of course Brett Ratner who fell in love with the unusual colour:

'For me, it's the fact that there has never been a black Rolex before,' he says. 'I get a lot of comments on it.'

Tim Jeffries runs the Hamiltons Gallery in London's Mayfair and was known, before his marriage, for dating the world's most famous beauties. 'I am very passionate about my watches,' he declares showing off his favourite, the IWC Big Pilot in rose gold. 'Cars are great but obvious, the watch might look simple and totally unostentatious, but have a really fine movement that has taken somebody in Switzerland years to make.

As Brett Ratner predicts: 'The watch market isn't down because the people buying them are not just high-net-worth individuals but they are passionate about collecting.' Tim Jeffries adds that: 'For many the watch is really the only legitimate jewellery for a man, apart from cufflinks.' But he also freely admits that, ultimately, for many, there is also 'an element of being a boy that hasn't grown up.'

Vanity Fair On Time Magazine October 2008

Tim Jefferies, Gallerist

Tim Jefferies interviewed by The Times Luxx Magazine on the subject of Wristwatches.

The Times, Luxx Magazine dated June 2008.

Bret Ratner, Movie Director

Bret Ratner photo shot in Various Magazines 2008.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece

Vanity Fair Magazine October 2008.
The International Best-Dressed List