6th February 2013

New Pro Hunter Military Straps

This February, Pro Hunter introduces the new Pro Hunter Military straps designed and manufactured by the same company that created the original straps for Rolex. These high quality straps are keeping to the design of the authentic straps supplied to the SBS (Special Boat Service) and MOD (Ministry of Defence) officers, they fit perfectly on the military style watches in the Pro Hunter range.

The straps became popular when Rolex were commissioned to create the Military issue Rolex Submariner or "Milsub" as it has become known, for the Royal Navy in the 1970s. Among many modifications that were requested from Rolex, the watch was fitted with solid bars fixed into the lugs so it could support a nylon strap. The strap mitigated the risk of losing the watch if one pin failed. The strap was also the method of attachment to the divers' swim board, a rectangular board containing a depth gauge and compass, used by the Navy divers for basic underwater navigation. The other important factor was the reduction in metallic material when diving near magnetically influenced mines.

Our personalised military straps have been specifically designed for the Pro Hunter collection, with our brand name on the buckle, a matte black finish, and a width of 20mm to fit our military Pro Hunter watches. Available colours are Jet Black, Military Grey, Khaki Green and Camouflage.

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